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These two questions from Jeff Bezos can lead you to Amazon | Digital Trends Spanish

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, so it is not surprising that many yearn to be part of its family. And a good strategy is to know how are the employee selection processes in technology.

On this subject, Ann Hiatt, an expert from Silicon Valley who is now part of Amazon, recounted how her job interview with Jeff Bezos was that ended up securing his incorporation to the firm.

The conversation between the two occurred in 2002 and, according to Hiatt, there were two questions asked by the former CEO of the company that were key to his hiring.

“I had no company connections, no computer science degree, and absolutely no experience working for a CEO,” the professional noted.

Either way, she submitted her resume to the company without much expectation and was surprised to see how she was selected for an interview.

The questions

That meeting went completely normal, however, Hiatt went several months without receiving a response until one day a recruiter called her to tell her that she would have a second interview, this time with Bezos.

In that appointment, the tycoon started by stating that he would only ask two questions and one of them would be a “funny riddle”.

According to Hiatt, Bezos asked him to calculate the number of glass panes that were in the city of Seattle at the time.

“I was momentarily terrified. Then I paused to calm myself, reminding myself to think about her motivation for asking me that question. He wants to see how my mind works, I told myself. You want to see me break a complicated problem down into small, manageable steps. I can do that, ”he explained.

The woman began by making a proportion based on the people who lived in Seattle, then she considered that each would have a house, a means of transportation and an office or school, and all would have windows.

Therefore, he suggested that they estimate based on those data and then did the calculations.

Bezos’ second question was what his career goals were, to which Hiatt responded that Amazon had proven to be a company “full of passionate and ambitious people.”

“Knowing Bezos as well as I do now, I see why those were his only two questions. I was measuring my potential by asking questions that would explore whether I had the courage, courage and motivation to run at his pace and be brave enough to constantly jump with him and level up, ”Hiatt added.

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