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These will be the prices of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 | Digital Trends Spanish

the Galaxy Unpacked from Samsung is just around the corner, and a new leak has revealed the price of upcoming Galaxy products, at least in Europe. The leak comes from Steve Hemmerstoffer, or OnLeaks. According to the report, the new foldables and the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 appear to see price upgrades from €20 to as much as €200.

Someone just sent me this (EU/FR) #FutureSquad

#GalaxyZFold4 256GB: €1799 / 512GB: €1919
#GalaxyZFlip4 128GB: €1109 / 256GB: €1169
#GalaxyWatch5 40mm BT: €299 / 4G: €349
#GalaxyWatch5 44mm BT: €329 / 4G: €379
#GalaxyWatch5Pro 45mm BT: €469 / 4G: €499

— Steve H.McFly (@OnLeaks) August 3, 2022

According to the report, the Galaxy Fold 4 is expected to cost €1,800 ($1,834) for the base model, with the 512GB flagship model going up to €1,920 ($1,955). The Flip 4 is expected to range between €1,109 ($1,130) and €1,170 ($1,212). As for smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 5 will start at €300 ($305) and go up to €380 ($387), with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro from €470 ($478) to €500 ($509). . Taking into account that these conversions do not include taxes and promotions, these leaked prices are all more than the current retail prices for equivalent models, with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip costing more than 70 euros more than the Flip 3 for its base model. The Watch 5 Pro is tough to scale as it’s the first time Samsung has released a “Pro” model, but it’s going to be $200 more than the base Galaxy Watch 4.

While Samsung was previously expected to cut the price of the Galaxy Flip and Fold 4, these reports from the generally reliable Onleaks argue otherwise. We’ll see how these reports escalate in a few weeks when Samsung hosts its event. unpacked next week, August 10.

In other news, Samsung is also expected to move away from the Galaxy “Z” brand, as reported by a filter, SnoopyTech, on Twitter. While it’s not intrinsic to the foldable only taking on the branding from Fold 2 onwards, the invasion of Ukraine has been cited as a factor in this reversal of position. The letter Z has acquired a reputation in certain parts of Europe and has even been banned in some countries when used on its own.

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