Thursday, July 7

They accuse Audacity of having turned into spyware | Digital Trends Spanish

Audacity, the popular audio editing software, is under fire after it was discovered that they were collecting data from their users without authorization.

The report of Fosspost indicates that Audacity operates as spyware, according to the terms and conditions of use of the program that were updated just a few days ago. In the text, it is made explicit that the program collects some data and that it could even share it with governments or authorities, if necessary.

Specifically, Audacity collects data from the operating system, IP, country of origin and other details “with the legitimate interest of offering and ensuring the correct functioning of the application”. And this data could be used in countries in the economic zone of Europe, in addition to the United States and Russia.

These changes to Audacity appear just a few months after the program was acquired by the Muse Group company. And according to Fosspost, the new terms violate the GPL license under which the program is released, since the use of Audacity is limited to children under 13 years of age; the GPL license is specific in saying that there can be no restrictions on the programs that use it.

The biggest data risk appears to be borne by Audacity users on macOS. For its part, the community behind Audacity is already in talks to create a new fork of the program, a version that uses part of the original code but without the part that collects user data. And since Audacity is an open source program, this is perfectly possible.

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