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They accuse Facebook of being a Frankenstein that devours data on WhatsApp | Digital Trends Spanish

Neeraj Arora is a developer of Indian origin, who in 2014 was the head of business at WhatsAppwhen the social network was sold to Facebook. With the rest of the years, and the money earned by the agreement, the former employee of the messaging platform criticized Meta and everything they have done in recent years.

On his Twitter, Arora railed against the path the app has taken.

“Currently WhatsApp is the second largest platform of Facebook […] But it is a shadow of the product we poured our hearts into and wanted to build for the world. And I’m not the only one who regrets that it became part of Facebook ”, he maintained.

How WhatsApp made money was by charging users $1 to download the app.

And Facebook (said they) supported our mission & view.

Brian even wrote this famous note:

— neeraj arora (@neerajarora) May 4, 2022

The harshest criticism of the former WhatsApp business chief is that Facebook bought the application to take over user data and do more cross-platform tracking.

“Tech companies have to admit when they’ve done it wrong. No one knew at first that Facebook would become a Frankenstein monster, gobbling up user data and spitting out dirty money. We didn’t know either,” he added.

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