Thursday, December 7

They accuse HBO of sharing their subscribers’ data with Facebook | Digital Trends Spanish

HBO is facing a class action lawsuit for the alleged violation of a federal privacy law. According to two HBO Max subscribers, their data would have been shared with Facebook.

Through the Bursor & Fisher law firm, Angel McDaniel and Constance Simon appealed to the New York federal court seeking compensation, reported Variety.

In the text, the subscribers maintain that the streaming platform would have delivered their client lists, an input with which profiles can be crossed with consumption habits of series and movies.

The class action lawsuit alleges that HBO “never received consent” from its subscribers for such purposes, which violates the Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988.

“HBO knows that Facebook can aggregate such data, because HBO is a major advertiser on Facebook. In fact, it uses that information to retarget Facebook ads to its own subscribers,” the document argues.

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