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They acquire McAfee for $ 14,000 million | Digital Trends Spanish

McAfee has a new owner. The cybersecurity company, which is behind the popular eponymous antivirus, It was acquired for an exorbitant price tag of $ 14 billion.

Behind this purchase there is no other large well-known company that wants to add the antivirus to its portfolio, but a group made up of various investors: Advent, Permisa, CPP Investments, GIC, Crosspoint Capital and ADIA, the latter belonging to Abu Dhabi.

Technically, what this investment group acquired were all of McAfee’s shares, which included the payment of the company’s debt.

However, this is not the first time that McAfee has changed owners. In 2010 it was acquired by Intel; Along the way, the new owner changed the name of the products, which were renamed Intel Security and had to do with eliminating associations with John McAfee, its controversial founder.

Seven years later, Intel spun off the company and made it independent again. By 2020, McAfee’s shares were publicly traded again in 2020, resulting in the investment group’s purchase.

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McAfee is known first of all for the antivirus, but also for the adventures of John McAfee, who was found dead in June 2021 in his cell, in a prison in Catalonia, Spain. The founder retired from the company in 1996 and then became involved in several controversial situations: from being arrested for illegally manufacturing drugs to trying to reach the presidency of the United States twice and without any success.

The death of John McAfee even gave rise to some theories that say that the cause of his death was not exactly suicide, although so far that is the official explanation provided by the authorities.

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