Wednesday, December 8

They analyze strategies to reinforce traceability in Los Santos due to the increase in cases of Covid-19

The director of the Los Santos Health region, Ayvar Hernández met yesterday with the mayors of the seven districts of the province of Los Santos in order to seek strategies that strengthen the traceability of Covid-19 cases, says a statement from the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

Hernández listened to the concerns and contributions of the mayors regarding the control of activities involving crowds and monitoring of Covid-19 cases in their areas.

During the meeting, Hernández presented to the mayors the epidemiological report of the province which records an increase in cases after the national holidays when the province received thousands of visitors, currently the province of Los Santos registers more than 300 active cases, concentrated mainly in the districts of Las Tablas, Guararé and Los Santos.

In addition to strengthening the traceability of Covid-19 cases agreed at the meeting, the Minsa continues with the awareness campaign on biosafety measures, event site inspections, swabs and vaccination.

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