Sunday, January 16

They analyze the incorporation of professional footballers to social security

During a meeting between the general director of the Social Security Fund (CSS), Enrique Lau Cortés and the president of the Association of Professional Soccer Players of Panama (AFUTPA), Juan Ramón Solís, Relevant aspects were addressed on the mechanism that will be used to be able to assign footballers of this professional league to social security.

We have had a very pleasant meeting with Mr. Juan Ramón Solís who represents the professional soccer players of Panama and we see with great sympathy the fact that these young people are workers, professional football is a way of earning a living and they are interested in being incorporated into the social security system to enjoy the social protection provided by the Caja de Seguro Social, ”said Lau Cortés.

Mentioned that are willing to explore various alternatives to see how players can enjoy these services and he indicated that they have been in talks with FEPAFUT, for which he added that this is an issue that, in the same way, must be analyzed by the owners of the different soccer teams.

Lau Cortés asserted that apart from this issue, they have talked about the support that the Aassociation of Professional Soccer Players of Panama can give the CSS in projects that seek popular support and the support of the population in programs to promote transplantation and vaccination, among others.

For his part, the president of AFUTPA, Juan Ramón Solís, said that this meeting was extremely positive because they needed to expose the need they have in the discipline of football, to go from informality to formality, with the due recognition of footballers as workers through social security.

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