Wednesday, January 26

They announce the lighting of Christmas lights in Parque Omar for this Monday

This Monday, December 6, the Christmas lights will be turned on in the Omar Park, announced through a statement the Office of the First Lady of the Republic of Panama.

In addition to lighting and decoration, the Office of the First Lady will offer a billboard of Christmas events from December 6 to 22, including:

Christmas plays

Christmas carols

Orchestras and bands


The closing of the event will be done by the National Ballet performing The Nutcracker on December 22 at the Dome of Parque Omar.

The assembly of this Christmas show, which was developed under the concept of “A Christmas of Illusion”Was carried out by the Office of the First Lady, together with Charity Works Association (Approb) and the team Omar Park.

In addition to turning on the lights, the Office of the First Lady seeks to bring joy at Christmas, through tours of social assistance nationwide, according to the institution.