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They are hacking gasoline: service stations on alert | Digital Trends Spanish

the high price of gasoline in the world, mainly due to the war and the economic crisis, is causing the population in places like the United States to take desperate measures, such as hacking service stations.

According to NBCnewsAt least 22 people have been arrested in the United States since March for digitally manipulating the computers that manage gasoline pumps or installing homemade devices to lower the price of fuel.

For now, hackers are using two methods:

  1. The first method primarily affects Wayne brand dispensers. These pumps have a remote control option so that station owners and fuel inspectors can easily access their computers. Remote controls are not regulated and are available online from marketplaces like eBay. While Wayne pumps require a code to access the system remotely, many service stations leave the default settings unchanged, continuing to use the factory codes.

  2. The second method affects dispensers manufactured by Gilbarco. The thieves use a homemade device, which can be made from a handful of hardware, to slow down the pulser that measures how much gasoline is being pumped. This button is the one that informs the dispenser of how much it should charge a customer. The device manages to reduce the speed of the button so that it registers only a fraction of the fuel that is being dispensed. The thief has to open the dispenser panel to install the device that manipulates the pulses. But as with passwords, many pumps use a standard Gilbarco key that is available on the Internet.

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