Monday, November 29

They ask Borrell to suspend the Agreement between Cuba and the EU after the blockade of humanitarian aid on the island



A Josep Borrell complaints and requests accumulate. One day after former Latin American presidents and leaders of Venezuelan opposition parties and Spanish formations, such as the PP, Cs and Vox, sent a letter to the High Representative for EU Foreign Policy Reprimanding him for sending a mission to Venezuela to negotiate with Nicolás Maduro the delay of the elections, the European People’s Party has sent him a question, in this case concerning Cuba, with another claim.

In the text, that the PPE has posted on its website, the MEPs of the Dolors Montserrat, Antonio López-Istúriz, Leopoldo López Gil and Isabel Benjumea They ask Borrell to consider the suspension of the Dialogue and Political Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and Cuba “due to repeated violations of it by the Cuban government.”

The last violation would be related to the blockade in the port of Mariel of humanitarian aid sent through the Solidaridad Entre Hermanos initiative “and collected five months ago in the United States with the hope of mitigating the impact of the crisis on the island and providing all possible help to vulnerable families in Cuba,” argue the signatories, who point out that 15,000 families managed to register from the island to receive this aid “despite having to avoid cyberattacks by the Cuban authorities,” indicates the text that has also been signed by the MEPs of the Renew Europe group José Ramón Bauzá (who already sent a letter to Borrell last August asking him to intervene in this matter) and Rita Charanzová; and the ECR group, Hermann Tertsch.

They also remind the High Representative that blocking humanitarian aid constitutes “a violation of the essential elements of the Cooperation and Dialogue Agreement between the European Union and Cuba». And they ask him what is being done from the EU “to allow this aid to be distributed without interference from the regime, as well as the repercussions of this criminal act.” Finally, they ask Borrell to invoke Article 85 of the Agreement, which establishes that “if a Party adopts a measure in case of special urgency, the other Party may request that an urgent meeting be convened or even the suspension of the Agreement.”

Activists, NGOs and politicians already demanded in late August and early September through social networks the unblocking of this humanitarian aid, so necessary in Cuba, a country punished by an economic crisis worsened by the coronavirus pandemic.

It is not the first time that the validity of the Agreement between Cuba and the EU has been questioned in the last year, since the violation of it by the Cuban Government is recurrent. It was also put on the table by Renew Europe MEPs on the occasion of the imprisonment of the dissident and express of conscience Jose Daniel Ferrer, who spent six months in prison for a crime based on fabricated evidence. That arrest and the mistreatment received by the Cuban activist also represented a clear violation of the agreement, according to statements made to ABC by Rita Charanzová last November.

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