Wednesday, January 26

They ask for the unconstitutionality of the taxes on cryptocurrencies

“Those people of the CABA who have a crypto account, carry out this type of transaction and are harmed by this violation of their fundamental constitutional rights must complete a form with their data to be able to present said protection and represent them against this violation of their freedom “says the statement.

Recall that in November, the National Government ordered, from decree 796/2021, that all commercialization of digital currencies be taxed with the tax on bank debits and credits (IDCB). The Decree adds a paragraph, unconstitutional, that excludes from the exemptions of the IDCB (Decree 380/2001) the movements of funds related to crypto-asset operations. Then, the rule issued by the Executive Branch through the President, the Chief of Cabinet and the Minister of Economy, establishes that cryptocurrencies in Argentina must pay the check tax from that moment. None of the operations with this financial instrument will be exempt from this taxation.

“Through the measure issued by the National Executive Power, the Government intends to limit, curtail and violate – in an illegitimate and arbitrary manner – fundamental rights and guarantees recognized in our Supreme Law. For this reason, the Apolo Foundation, based on the protection that will present, will try to defend once again the individual freedom of all those who wish to participate in this fight against the impairment of our rights “, adds the Foundation.