Friday, September 30

They ask to expand the cause and investigate Francisco Serrano, former leader of Vox in Andalusia, for misappropriation

The general secretary of Facua-Consumers in Action, Rubén Sánchez, who acts as a popular accusation in the case brought against Francisco Serrano, former autonomous deputy of Vox and former president of the parliamentary group of said formation, has requested the Investigating Court number 16 of Seville to extend the actions that are followed against the one who was a magistrate. Specifically, it has added an alleged continued crime of misappropriation to those already being investigated for subsidy fraud or alternatively fraud in relation to a state loan of almost 2.5 million euros that it received to start up a business project.

The court files a complaint by Francisco Serrano against Rubén Sánchez for a message on Twitter

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The investigation attributes Francisco Serrano to having constituted, together with his partner Enrique Pelegrín, the company Bio Wood Niebla SL “with fictitious or non-existent non-monetary contributions”, allegedly to fraudulently obtain public aid from the Reindus program of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Energy, to which said company would have attended to request financial support for a project to install a pellet manufacturing plant. The request for extension of judicial proceedings has been advanced this Monday by Seville Journal.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, thanks to said call for aid, the Ministry of Industry transferred 2.48 million to Bio Wood Niebla as a repayable loan, the money allegedly deposited in a bank account of Francisco Serrano, after which part of that amount It would have been allegedly transferred to an account opened in another bank and the rest, specifically 438,000 euros, would have been used for various operations such as “loans to third parties”, cash withdrawals, payment of bills and miscellaneous expenses, among other purposes not related to the object of the subsidy, always according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Money diverted to investment funds

In the legal case, Serrano, his partner Enrique Pelegrín and Francisco Javier López Ballesteros are listed as “undercover partner of Bio Wood”, weighing a police report according to which one million would have “of the aforementioned repayable state loan money granted to said company”. been disposed of mainly in investment funds and subject to successive entry and withdrawal operations”.

In this regard, there is also a resolution of the Delegation of the Tax Agency in Andalusia issued on August 31, 2020, giving an account of the “administrative enforcement procedure” initiated by said state entity against Biowood Niebla demanding the “reimbursement” of the 2.48 million euro loan granted by the Ministry of Industry and Tourism to the entity, to which it claims something more than three million euros for the aforementioned loan plus the corresponding surcharges.

In this context, the popular accusation exercised by Rubén Sánchez points to a loan of 200,000 euros granted in 2017 by Biowood Niebla to Manuel GG, who recognized himself as a “debtor” of said company and would have undertaken to return the money loaned by Biowwod, through payments to law firm of Francisco Serrano, López Ballesteros, Enrique Pelegrín and Biowood Niebla.

“The amounts that are said to be returned”

In this regard, it claims to find out “whether the amounts that are said to have been returned, either by transfers to the entity Serrano Abogados de Familia SLP, to Enrique Pelegrín and López Ballesteros, have been received, as it appears, by the aforementioned entity and those mentioned under investigation, which It should not be forgotten on that date who held the ownership of the company shares was Francisco Serrano, being, in addition, his legal representative”.

This popular accusation, thus, asks to investigate “the alleged appropriation of said amounts, which were, apparently, for loan repayments”, for which it requests that those under investigation be called again to testify in such condition and that Manuel GG appear as a witness. .