Sunday, October 17

They begin to evacuate thirty-nine miners trapped in a well in Canada since Sunday



Thirty-nine mine workers in eastern Canada were trapped Sunday after an incident that cut off main access. There are no injuries and they are being evacuated, said the Brazilian group ‘Vale’, owner of the deposit.

The miners also have access to food and watersaid the group that owns the mine, which hopes to be able to complete the evacuation this Monday night.

“The rescue team reached the miners and began to evacuate them through a secondary exit through a system of stairs,” the Brazilian firm said in a statement.

“No one was on the main transportation system when the incident occurred,” the ‘Vale’ spokeswoman told Radio Canada. Danica Pagnutti, who explained that a piece of heavy equipment had collided with the elevator.

“We know that the rescue operation will take time and we are relieved to know that there are no injuries,” he said on Twitter. Doug Ford, Prime Minister of Ontario, the province in which the mine is located.

All operations at the Totten mine, Sudbury, have been closed since Sunday. Likewise, ‘Vale’ has informed that it will evaluate the situation of the mine before resuming production.

This mine had closed in 1972 but ‘Vale’ reopened it in 2014. During the first six months of 2021, some 3,600 tons of nickel finished.

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