Wednesday, February 21

They block a YouTube channel with music from Nintendo games | Digital Trends Spanish

The youtuber GilvaSunner announced that Nintendo blocked 1,300 videos with video game soundtracks from titles such as Super Mario Word, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Smash Bros. Meleeamong other classics. The reason? That the music is owned by Nintendo and therefore, by publishing them, GilvaSunner violates copyright.

The news would not have more edges, since it was an act of justice, however, there are two points to consider: first, that GilvaSunner had not monetized the videos and, therefore, did not obtain any financial benefit from them. And second, outside of YouTube, it’s virtually impossible to find Nintendo game music in any other online repository.

Do the test. Open your Instagram account and try to set a story to music with songs from a video game, especially one from Nintendo. You’ll find remixes, but not the original track you’re looking for or even close to it. And it’s not just about setting music to a publication for social networks, but simply having access to the music of your favorite games a few clicks away, just like it happens with platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.

The medium Kotaku contacted Nintendo to question the possibility of the company putting its catalog of video game songs on streaming platforms. The company did not respond to the questions, so we also do not know if it is the beginning of massive blocking of channels with Nintendo video game music.

The truth is that it is not the first time that Nintendo has blocked content from GilvaSunner. In 2020, when Nintendo banned several of his videos, recognized being frustrated by the lack of options to listen to classic game music; he added that the blocks did not make him angry.

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