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They build a tower in China to test solar energy from space | Digital Trends Spanish

Researchers from the Xidian University of China built a tower that allows the necessary technology to be brought closer so that crews in space in the future can occupy solar energy.

The plant is a 246-foot-tall (75-meter) steel structure located on the south campus of Xidian University.

In a release of the Chinese university, maintain that, “this verification system breaks through and verifies a series of key technologies, such as high-efficiency concentration and photoelectric conversion, microwave conversion, microwave transmission, and optimization of the shape measurement and pointing control of microwave beams, microwave reception and rectification, and the design of intelligent mechanical structures.

The newly built ground station is part of the team’s space-based solar energy proposal called OMEGA, which stands for Orb-Shape Membrane Energy Gathering Array. Once built and stationed in geostationary orbit, OMEGA will collect energy from the Sun, convert it to electrical energy, and transmit it to Earth as microwaves through an antenna.

Research and practical tests demonstrated the operation of:

  • Omega optical’s electromechanical integration design,
  • the wireless transmission efficiency of microwave power with a transmission distance of 55 meters,
  • the efficiency of microwave beam collection and the power-quality ratio of high-precision structural systems, such as concentrating light and antenna, which rank at the international leading level.

“Space solar power plant research is currently a hot topic in the world,” said academician Duan Baoyan. “The ground verification system built by Xidian is a complete linkage system, which performs a complete process from sun tracking, light concentrating, photoelectric conversion, microwave transmission to microwave reception rectification.”

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