Sunday, December 10

They charge eleven more people for the violent assault on the plenary session of Lorca

Five months after a group of people assaulted a plenary session of the Lorca City Council and caused its suspension, the Murcian court in charge of conducting the investigations has cited eleven more people as investigated, according to what has been advanced The truth. The Police already identified seven others involved in the break-in of the public building, so there are 18 currently accused in the case.

The Lorca City Council convened on January 31 a plenary session to vote on a motion that limited the pig macro-farms in the town, and which was to be approved with the votes of the PSOE, Ciudadanos and Izquierda Unida-Greenes. Minutes before its celebration, a group of protesters jumped the police cordon, sneaking into the municipal offices where the plenary session was going to be held and leading to moments of high tension.

Among the exalted there were local ranchers, members of municipal livestock associations and related companies, estimated at half a thousand: “The mayors of the PP of Puerto Lumbreras and Fuente Álamo were also there, and from the PP of Lorca they were encouraging the ranchers to act as they have done, leaning out of the windows and congratulating themselves on what was being formed, ”said sources close to this medium.

The Murcian justice initially charged seven ranchers implicated in the violent irruption, accused of an alleged crime of public disorder. A month later, the City Council managed to approve the measures to contain the pig macro-exploitations. The motion obtained the support of the governing parties, PSOE and Cs, and IU-V. The PP and Vox voted against: both parties were singled out as instigators of the demonstration that ended with the assault on the plenary session.