Wednesday, January 19

They classify as “disrespect for citizens” budget of the Mayor of Panama for $ 330 million

Don Bosco’s representative, Willie Bermúdez questioned the budget of the Mayor’s Office of Panama for the year 2022, which adds up to $ 330 million, a figure that he classified as a “irresponsibility” and one “disrespect” to the citizens.

He stressed that the budget of the Municipality of Panama ignores the economic reality of the country since it is based on a significant increase in collections related to the Works and Construction tax, when it is evident that as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) the projections for this economic sector for next year are not the best.

He added that the approval of the budget was carried out without being explained and having been debated.

It is totally irresponsible with the citizenry and that a budget has been approved that was not even discussed or explained … this budget is disrespectful to the Panamanian citizenry, ”Bermúdez said.

Bermúdez also questioned the poor execution of the administration of the mayor of Panama, José Luis Fábrega, assuring that during his tenure this amounts to only $ 4.1 million.

“You can believe that last year the investment budget was $ 138 million and 28 months of the mayor’s administration only $ 4.1 million have been executed, although the mayor’s office prior to two years of government had more than $ 300 million in execution and more than 60 works are underway, at the moment there are only five works tendered, ”emphasized Bermúdez.

The mayor of Panama, Jose Luis Fabrega, assured that this is a balanced, transparent and properly supported budget.