Wednesday, December 7

They clone cannabis cells that have 12 times more potency | Digital Trends Spanish

An Israeli company, BioHarvest Sciences, has succeeded in cloning cannabis cellswhich have the property of being 12 times more powerful than the original ones and with all the active compounds.

This is told in a report on The Times of Israelwhich says the breakthrough could make the medical benefits of cannabis available cheaper, cleaner and greener.

“We don’t grow the plant at all,” BioHarvest CEO Ilan Sobel told The Times of Israel. Instead, the process involves “replicating” cells taken from a hemp plant in large tanks called bioreactors to produce large numbers of identical cells.

“We grow them in huge bioreactors in just three weeks, whereas regular cannabis takes 14 to 23 weeks,” Sobel said. “Our technology can also significantly increase active ingredient levels, as a percentage of weight, compared to what is normally found in the plant.”

The scientist added that “By adjusting the specific conditions that cells are exposed to, we can create different desired compositions of active ingredients, which means that we can increase and decrease the various cannabinoids [compuestos]».

Sobel said the protected environment of the bioreactor keeps out contaminants like fungi, and the controlled nature of the method delivers a product that has consistent levels of compounds. BioHarvest claims that if its biomass takes off, it will offer the benefits of medical cannabis more cheaply and with less environmental impact.

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