Wednesday, March 22

They confirm the death of four crew members of the US military plane that crashed in Norway

Norwegian police confirmed this Saturday the death of the four crew members of a US military plane that crashed in Norway on Friday during NATO maneuvers. “Unfortunately, all four on board the plane have been confirmed dead,” Nordland District Police Operations Chief Ivan Bo Nillsson said. “As far as the police know, all four are American nationals,” he added.

The police have launched an investigation and have notified the accident commission, while the Ministry of Defense has informed relatives. Due to bad weather, rescue teams will not be able to retrieve the bodies on Saturday.

The aircraft, of the V-22 Osprey model, was participating in the Cold Response maneuvers that NATO is carrying out in northern Norway, as confirmed by Lieutenant Colonel Ivar Moen. The aircraft was carrying out training activities and did not land at the scheduled time, 6:00 p.m. local time, for which the emergency services undertook search tasks in the area, in which the weather conditions were not good. Strong winds and snow overnight on Friday made it impossible to descend by helicopter to the crash site.