Thursday, October 6

They confirm the murder of a 54-year-old woman in Valladolid as a sexist crime

The 54-year-old woman who died last Saturday afternoon at her home in the La Rondilla neighborhood in Valladolid along with her mother at the hands, allegedly, of her partner has been included in the official list of victims of sexist violence, as as confirmed on Tuesday by the Government delegate in Castilla y León, Virginia Barcones.

They find three bodies, two of them with symptoms of violent death, in two flats in Valladolid

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The head of the Government in the Community, at the end of the minute of silence held at the doors of her department in Valladolid, an act attended by, among other authorities, the Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities, Isabel Blanco, and the president of the Regional Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FRMP), Ángeles Armisén, has expressed her condemnation for the aforementioned crime, the second for gender-based violence this year in Castilla y León, and also for the deaths of the victim’s mother and a man that same day in the La Rondilla neighborhood.

“The National Police has collected more than enough evidence” to charge the detainee, AY, 43 years old and of Moroccan origin, not only for the three crimes: that of his partner and her mother, 54 and 78 years old, respectively , and that of a 72-year-old male; but also his subsequent entry into two apartments in the same neighborhood where crimes of robbery with force, injuries and breaking and entering are attributed to him, as explained by Barcones in statements collected by Europa Press.

Likewise, the Government delegate, who has branded the event a “terrible crime”, has revealed the existence of a previous complaint from her to the detainee but has also added that there was no protection order.

Regarding the murder of the 72-year-old man, who was found with signs of violence in another house on Marqués de Santillana street after a fire broke out in his house, Barcones has confirmed that between the alleged perpetrator and these victims “there was prior knowledge” that the delegate has not detailed.

What Barcones has also indicated is that the detainee refused to testify before the police and that he has been brought to justice as of 9:30 a.m. today, followed by an express acknowledgment of the “brilliant” performance of the National Police, with agents and commanders even outside their work shift, by achieving in a few hours the arrest of “this “extremely dangerous” subject and preventing even greater evils from occurring.

sequence of events

The first of the bodies was found around 4:25 p.m. after a call to Emergencies that reported a fire in a house located on Calle Marqués de Santillana, for which it was sent to police and fire services. There, once the fire was extinguished, they located a 72-year-old man with symptoms of violent death.

Just five minutes later, a woman alerts the ER that something is happening to her daughter. In the home, located not far from the first, a fire is also declared, supposedly intentional. After firefighters put out the flames, the remains of two women, mother and daughter, aged 78 and 54, are found. This last victim showed evidence of violent death.

A few hours later, around 11:00 p.m. on Góngora street in Valladolid, the agents arrested the now accused, a 43-year-old man from the city, for assaulting two elderly couples, according to the Government Subdelegation,

The first attack took place at 10:30 p.m. on Amor de Dios street and the second, 20 minutes later, at 10:50 p.m., on Gutiérrez de Cetina street, about 700 meters away. In the latter, the couple had to be taken to the hospital due to the injuries they sustained. According to the investigation, the aggressor’s intention was to enter the homes of his victims, something that he did not achieve.

Due to the deployment of the Police in the neighborhood due to the death of three people, the arrest could be carried out quickly, something that the Government delegate herself has pointed out.