Monday, May 16

They confiscate 22 computers from a cryptocurrency mining farm in Seville that used public current

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The agents of the National Police were looking for a marijuana plantation in the Sevillian municipality of Santiponce, but they have finally dismantled a cryptocurrency farm with 22 teams valued at 50,000 euros.

this farm used public electricity and had cooling and ventilation elements for its operation. These are modern facilities, in which 21 ASIC teams have been found, “exclusively dedicated to bitcoin mining”, as explained by the National Police.

The monthly benefit of these 21 teams would be around the 2,500 euros. In addition, a RIG mining equipment used for the same activity has been found and that could give benefits of 1,000 euros per month.

Illegal connection to the electricity network

This cryptocurrency farm has cooling systems and industrial fans to move warm air outside. According to the agents, outside the premises a illegal connection to the electricity grid to power these devices.

Cryptocurrency farm dismantled in Seville.

National Police.

The consumption of amps has been “very high” and, according to technicians from the electric company, the monthly electricity fraud would be around 2,000 euros. The agents have not arrested any suspects for these events and believe that this farm was in an early phase of operation.