Wednesday, August 10

They create a DAO to bid for the United States Constitution

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) has raised more than $ 3 million to buy a first impression of the United States Constitution. The auction will be held on the 18th at Sotheby’s and. The auction house reports that this is one of thirteen copies of the Official Edition of the Constitution that was issued to delegates who attended the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787.

DAO for United States Constitution

The specimen up for auction was purchased at Sotheby’s by collector Howard Goldman in 1988. After Howard’s death in 1997, his widow, Dorothy Goldman, became the guardian of the Constitution. Thus, the auction house indicates that 33 years after its last appearance in a public auction, it returns to Sotheby’s. The auction house estimates a value of between $ 15 million and $ 20 million. Mr. Goldman purchased the manuscript for $ 165,000 in 1988, Reuters reports.

What is PleasrDAO, the DAO that is revolutionizing the investment sector

The creators of the DAO explain on their website that the United States Constitution is a common good that must be shared in public spaces, by the people who created it to protect governance and freedom. By purchasing the manuscript with a DAO, we distribute the responsibility among many and provide the necessary infrastructure to keep the Constitution protected, “they say.

At the Smithsoniana museum

To preserve the Constitution, the authors of the DAO indicate that they intend to deposit it in the National Museum of Natural History of the United States, a museum administered by the Smithsonian Institution and located in Washington. ConstitutionDAO, as the DAO is called, is committed to governing future decisions about the destination, preservation, and plans for future purchases of other historic assets.

To the question of why a DAO, the developers explain that to own the good all together. In fact, on the frontispiece of the web they ask the following question: What if we hold hands and buy the Constitution together?

“Decentralization and cryptocurrencies (web3) have created structures that allow people to govern themselves with unmatched levels of autonomy and freedom. It is appropriate that we use this technology to honor and protect the greatest historic tool for human governance Рthe United States Constitution.

As of press time, the DAO has raised $3,247,768.57

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