Friday, December 8

They create a layer that erases car scratches in contact with the sun | Digital Trends Spanish

An innovation that may be a magical solution for millions of motorists around the world is creating the Korea Chemical Technology Research Institute (KRICT): this is a protective plastic layer in the cars that allows to regenerate the surface and erase scratches when in contact with the sun.

All it takes is 30 minutes of the car in the sun, for scratches and scratches to disappear.

How does the system work:

“They enhanced a highly durable protective resin coating with an acrylic polyol-based reversible polymer web material, as well as introducing a photothermal tint. The tint absorbs infrared light from the sun and converts it into thermal energy, which increases the surface temperature of the protective layer. The chemical bonds in the polymer structure of the coating react to the increased heat by dissociating and then recombining again, slowly rebuilding the damaged polymer structure where a scratch occurred until it is completely repaired and gone.”

The “Eco-friendly Protective Coating Material Self-healing Mechanism for Vehicles Including Dynamic Polymer Network and Photothermal Tint” could also be used for ships or aircraft.

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