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They create a mask that captures and destroys the coronavirus | Digital Trends Spanish

The COVID-19 it is still in the environment and the pandemic continues, and already with two years of stress due to the disease, medicine continues to advance to face it. Now chemical engineers at the University of Kentucky are creating a face mask that manages to capture and deactivate the coronavirus.

The idea is to deactivate the spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2 as it comes into contact with them. These spike proteins are what allow the virus to enter host cells once they are in the body.

“This new material can filter out the virus like the N95 mask does, but it also includes antiviral enzymes that completely deactivate it,” says chemical engineer Dibakar Bhattacharyya from the University of Kentucky.

“This innovation is another layer of protection against SARS-CoV-2 that can help prevent the spread of the virus.”

According to the team, a mask using this membrane could be worn for two hours a day for several days without affecting breathability.

“The innovative development of smart filtration materials with low airflow resistance that can filter, capture, and deactivate aerosolized virus particles may provide immense benefits for human health and the industrial workplace,” the researchers write in their study. published article.

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