Friday, September 30

They create supramolecular plastic with high regeneration power | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of scientists from University of Turku of Finland have developed a plastic supramolecular that can be regenerated instantly.

This material is highly recyclable and, with careful adjustment of its water content, can become an adhesive or even instantly self-heal when damaged.

By leveraging a technique called liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS), the authors of the new study say they have now developed a supramolecular plastic with the mechanical strength of conventional plastic. The material contains high-strength, non-covalent bonds that are reversible, allowing it to be degraded or recycled after use, along with some other useful properties.

“Comparable with conventional plastics, our new supramolecular plastics are smarter as they not only retain the strong mechanical property, but also retain dynamic and reversible properties that made the material self-healing and reusable,” explained the study’s author, Dr Jingjing Yu.

Self-healing polymers are a promising technology with vast potential, and in the future they could be found in car paint that repairs its own scratches, self-healing iPhone cases, and next-generation batteries.

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