Tuesday, February 27

They create the first decentralized social network of NFTs!

The Spanish Daniel Santos, better known as Mr. Santos, has presented the first decentralized social network of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called Woonkly. We tell you all the details!

Woonkly could be the next leading social network

Daniel Santos has established that “the objective is not to innovate for the sake of innovating, but to innovate within regulatory frameworks, not yet created, to help regulators create them”. And with that in mind, he has created Woonkly.com, the first decentralized social network for NFTs.

The official launch took place on December 12, 2021 in Abu Dhabi, during the Formula 1 Grand Prix attended by celebrities and businessmen from the crypto world.

Thus, in Woonkly, each content creator will have a profile and all the posts they upload will be NFTs, even if they do not want to be sold. Therefore, people will be able to closely follow their favorite artists and be up to date with what’s new.

How is it different? Well Woonkly will dispose a varied range of functionalities and, in addition, it will allow the positioning of content creators, the connection with the Metaverse and the elimination of advertising intermediaries.

A fundamental aspect of Woonkly is that it implements the highest security standards by having AML (Anti-money Laundering) and KYC (Know your customer) protocols. These policies are key because they allow to ensure the true intellectual property of the artist.

Thus, explains Santos, «once someone creates an NFT, it becomes linked to intellectual property, and if someone steals it or attempts to copy it, its owner can take legal action».

Who is in control?

With the arrival of Web3 it is expected that control will be given to the consumer and Woonkly takes this into account.

Thus, in Woonkly Metasocial Network the content will not be uploaded to a server, but to users’ computers through IPFS (Interplanetary File System), which allows the development of a large decentralized global directory of creators, users and metaverses. , which will interact with each other, creating new ways to monetize content.

Also, almost any type of media file can be converted into an NFT. Yes, from songs to podcasts to books to selfies and lands in the metaverse.

In this way, as is almost evident, Woonkly’s mission is to decentralize social publishing; giving power back to the user and providing a new way of monetization with non-fungible tokens.

Who is behind this platform?

This decentralized social network of NFTs is born in Woonkly Labs; a technology company founded by Spanish entrepreneurs, which is specialized in the creation of products and services on blockchain.

Its wide technological reach and its disruptive spirit allow it to develop different models of innovative business and technology solutions; which facilitate the recovery of control of data and finances by users.

This is how Woonkly Labs creates startups that will potentially become the next unicorn, but also invests in the most promising ones.

For more information you can visit his Official site.