Tuesday, December 6

They declare an agricultural emergency in Río Negro due to frost in the fruit and horticultural area

In addition, he indicated that to benefit from the benefits of the measure, the affected producers must present a certificate issued by the competent authority of the province, stating that their properties or farms are included in the cases provided.

The provincial government will send the list of affected producers to the Executive Technical Secretariat of the National Commission for Agricultural Emergencies and Disasters, accompanying a copy of the emergency certificate issued by the competent provincial authority.

Among the benefits provided in Law 26,509, include deferral or extension of taxes on Personal Assets and Minimum Presumed Income, and special deadlines are granted for the presentation of sworn statements.

For their part, the national, official or mixed banking institutions and the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) will arbitrate the necessary means so that the agricultural producers included in the resolution enjoy the benefits provided.

The measure was ordered after the state of emergency was declared by provincial decree in November, which ordered to exempt, totally or partially, the products of the affected activities from the payment of provincial real estate taxes on rural and sub-rural properties; and to automobiles.

At that time, the governor of Black river, Arabela Carreras, requested before the National Commission of Emergency and Agricultural Disaster (Cneyda) the adoption of the same decision in the national order.