Saturday, December 4

They deliver the first Bicentennial Pact of the Trans-isthmic region with a view to lifting the country out of the social and economic crisis

The National Government through the National Executive Coordination and the Consultative Council of the Bicentennial Pact-Closing Gaps- formally delivered the “Regional Pact of the Bicentennial” to the Trans-isthmian region made up of the provinces of Panama, Panama Oeste and Colón.

The document represents the work of many months of men and womens that they made a commitment to citizen participation.

The Bicentennial Pact “Closing Gaps” is an initiative of the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, in order to achieve national agreements on health, social security, education, economy, security and basic services, to lay the foundations for a better Panama, with the participation of all productive sectors of the country.

The Minister of Labor and Labor Development, Doris Zapata, on behalf of the Executive, pointed out that “200 years ago the common goal was to free ourselves from the colonial yoke, achieving self-determination and charting new destinies. Today there are other factors that prevent the full exercise of the freedom that we longed for so much, being three-dimensional poverty the great challenge to overcome.

Zapata argued that On November 30, “we have an appointment with the Republic,” when the Executive will disclose its commitment to comply with the agreements. “The effort of many Panamanians and Panamanians culminates to give way to another important stage linked to the implementation and execution,” he highlighted.

Enrique de Obarrio, member of the Consultative Council of the Bicentennial Pact, pointed out that this pact “is the greatest legacy that President Cortizo is going to leave, for the true potential that the proposal has to find effective and lasting solutions to the most pressing problems ”.

It is “a new social pact for the entire Panamanian population, which responds to the social, economic and ethical crisis that the country is experiencing ”, he indicated.

All citizens have the opportunity to express their opinion on the first draft of the Bicentennial Pact, which will be hosted on the “Ágora” platform until November 12, giving continuity to the programmed and thus maintaining the democratic, inclusive and participatory aspects that have accompanied this process throughout these 11 months of work.

The governor of Panama Oeste, Cindy Smith, specified that 346 days after it was installed, the reception of the agreements reached in this first group of provinces that represent the Transisthmus sector, which is considered the most influential and participatory in the country, through the AGORA platform and that I achieved that In a 90-day period, a total of 186,182 proposals will be submitted.

“As President Laurentino Cortizo promised, This pact will be binding, and that its objective was to close the inequality gaps, the poverty and the gaps that make Panama the sixth most unequal country in the world and that still keep Panamanians in multidimensional poverty, ”he emphasized.

The Pact is 11 basic themes, health, education, water, infrastructure, state reform, culture, sports, inclusion, agriculture and food security, economy and environment and where in the five regions more than 186 thousand proposals participated, 1,361 Regional Agreements of which 315 are from In the Trans-isthmian Region 187 agreements of national scope 89 in this region, the regional report consists of about 40 pages.

The following deliveries by region are scheduled for: November 11, in the Central Region, on the grounds of the Azuero International Fair; on November 16, Western Region, on the grounds of the David International Fair; and on November 18, Eastern Region, in the ISAE of Metetí, province of Darién.

The following participated in this delivery of the bicentennial regional pact: the Minister of Labor and Labor Development, Doris Zapata; the Governor of the Province of Panama Oeste, Sindy Smith; the Governor of the Province of Panama, Carla García and the Governor of the Province of Colón, Irasema de Dale; the National Executive Coordinator of the Closing Gaps Bicentennial Pact, Paulina Franceschi; and the member of the Advisory Council of the Bicentennial Pact, Enrique De Obarrio.

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