Wednesday, September 29

They denounce that a 64-year-old trans woman received three punches in the face in Vitoria shouting “shitty fagot”

In the early morning of July 22, a 64-year-old trans woman was attacked in the Old Quarter of Vitoria shouting “shitty fag”, according to a complaint by the Observatory against LGTBI + phobia (Ikusgune). The events occurred when the person attacked heard the insults and turned around. “He received three punches in the face,” they denounce from the association.

Ertzaintza sources have confirmed to that the person received “several” blows and had to be treated by health workers. The victim filed the corresponding complaint and the Ertzaintza has opened proceedings and an investigation is open with which they have identified the aggressor.

“In recent weeks we are witnessing a serious LGTBI + phobic escalation. With this latest aggression, there are already 14 cases that we know of in Álava in the last three months. The group of trans people is the one with the most physical attacks, hate speech and discrimination is suffering, “they lament from Ikusgune. In order to denounce this attack, Vitoria associations have called a concentration on Friday 30 at 19:30 in Fariñas.

The mayor of Vitoria, Gorka Urtaran has shown his condemnation after learning what happened. “First of all, show my resounding condemnation of this transphobic aggression against a citizen of Vitoria-Gasteiz and once again claim and vindicate that relations between people must be fundamentally based on respect, human rights and the freedom and equality of people. in a democratic state “, the mayor pointed out.

The government delegate, the socialist Denis Itxaso, parties like IU or politicians like the leader of Elkarrekin Podemos- IU Miren Gorrotxategi or Leticia Comerón, spokesperson for the PP in Vitoria, have also condemned the events showing their “rejection” and offering “solidarity” to the victim. Comerón, through a tweet, has announced that it has requested an “urgent” institutional declaration. “This is very serious. This aggression requires the resounding condemnation of all the political groups of the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council. That is why I have requested an urgent institutional declaration,” Comerón wrote on the social network.

More than five attacks in the last two months

The attack took place a month after the Umandi public school in the same city woke up with graffiti against the LGTBI + collective in which phrases such as “this with Franco did not happen”, “transformers no” and “marikas” about a rainbow flag drawn by the students themselves on May 17, International Day against LGTBIphobia.

In the rest of the Basque Country, attacks of this type also continue to add up. The last occurred in Amorebieta-Etxano, Bizkaia, on Saturday, July 17, when a group of minors attacked a young couple. All groups with representation in the Basque Chamber, except Vox, expressed their “most energetic” rejection of “homophobic” aggression. A week earlier, at dawn on Sunday July 11, two young people who were kissing in the center of Bilbao were attacked by an individual who “began to insult them, to call them fags and sons of bitches.”

Weeks before those attacks, a video went viral in which four young people from Donostia joked about hitting and even killing homosexual people with their bare hands. “Imagine punching him and thus, knocking him down,” they said in the video. While last month, Ekain, a young man from Basauri, was attacked by 13 people, 9 of whom are being investigated by the Ertzaintza, shouting “fag shit”. In his case, the young man had to be taken to hospital after the blows left him unconscious.