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They denounce that Sean Connery’s James Bond was a rapist | Digital Trends Spanish

No Time to Die, the new film in the James Bond saga, has made headlines due to all the delays that its premiere has suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, the director of the film, Cary Fukunaga, has referred to the old versions of the saga and not in very good terms, particularly those that starred Sean Connery.

According to the director, at the time, James Bond was basically a rapist.

“It is Thunderball or Goldfinger where basically Sean Connery’s character rapes a woman? She says ‘No, no, no’, and he says, ‘Yes, yes, yes’. That wouldn’t work today, ”says Fukunaga.

The director’s criticism points to one of the early Bond films, where the spy has an encounter with a female physical therapist. At first, he kisses her hard, despite her resistance, and then pressures her to have sex, after threatening to complain to her bosses about an incident with a traction machine.

For her part, Barbara Broccoli, executive producer of the new installment, also referred to this complaint, noting:

“I think people are starting, kicking and screaming, to accept that these things are no longer acceptable. Thanks god. Bond is a character that was written in 1952 and the first movie (Dr. No) came out in 1962 ”.

Fukunaga’s criticism of the character played by Connery, made many people on the internet look for the scenes where the reprehensible treatment of the former James Bond towards women is evident.

If all goes according to plan, the new film in the franchise should hit US theaters on October 8.

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