Saturday, October 23

They denounce the inclusion in a martial arts event of a Nazi who announces it as a “jaleo” before Barça-Madrid

Several groups in the province of Guadalajara, including the United We Can-Izquierda Unida Group in the Diputación de Guadalajara, have denounced the participation of a young man of Nazi ideology in the celebration of a Mixed Martial Arts event (MMA in its acronym in Spanish). English) scheduled for October 23 in the town of Alovera. The origin of the controversy is that in the original poster, the Instagram profile of Emilio García Esteban, a well-known neo-Nazi living in Guadalajara capital, with a history of attacks and whose social networks are full of messages with Nazi symbols, and other sexists, appeared as a contact. and racists. In addition, García Esteban himself refers to the aforementioned MMA event as “a little bit of pre-Barça-Madrid fuss”, in reference to the football match that takes place the day after, on October 24.

In this town, the Alternative Alovera group governs together with the PP and a councilor from Vox, with Purificación Tortuero as mayor. The Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Sports, Juan Carlos Martín, explained to that the first poster has already been rectified and another has been drawn up without that contact. He states that neither the City Council nor the MMA organization knows why that contact was made as a link for the event. What they have verified are the references of Enrique Wasabi, who stars in the act, and who is “an eminence” in mixed martial arts.

This is the poster that has generated discord. The United We Can-Izquierda Unida complaint is not addressed to whoever imparts it but to the username of Emilio García Esteban on the social network Instagram, @ miluh88, which appears in the lower right next to the logos and sponsorship of the City Council:

This is the new poster that the Alovera City Council has approved this morning after learning of the controversy by United We Can of Alovera:

García Esteban himself tweeted the previous poster days ago announcing it as “a little bit of pre-Barça-Madrid fuss”:

On his Instagram account, Emilio García Esteban has published several photographs where his connection with the Nazi ideology is clear. For example, in this photograph he congratulates Adolf Hitler on his birthday (the publication is April 20, the birth date of the Nazi genocide) using the numbering as letters (1 = A and 8 = H) and with the phrase “congratulations, guide”. In the same way, the numbering 88 at the end of your Instagram user alludes to HH, the Nazi salute ‘Heil Hitler’.

He also appears making the fascist salute next to the statue of Don Pelayo, accompanying him with a part of the text of the fascist anthem. Face to the Sunl: “The victorious flags will return”:

On his arm there are different tattoos such as the acronym AHTR (“Adolf Hitler Was Right” in Nazi symbols) or the black sun, a Nordic symbol that the Nazis adopted. For example, it is found in the former ‘Obergruppenführersaal’ (the room intended for SS generals) in the north tower of Wewelsburg Castle (Germany) which became the source of power for the so-called ‘Aryan race’. On his other arm he wears a tattoo with a Nazi soldier accompanied by the SS motto “Meine Ehre heißt Treue” (“my honor is called loyalty”).

He also publishes a photograph of himself with a T-shirt in which the face of Adolf Hitler appears:

In the case of Twitter, these are some of its messages:

It also happens that his father, Jacinto García Llorente, has published the book ‘Hitler’s socialism’, which appears on the list from the Basic Library of Fascism of the newspaper ‘El Cadenazo’.

The Municipal Group of Unidas Podemos de Alovera has requested the removal of any link to profiles that do not respect human rights, such as the cartel’s Instagram account, having verified that “whoever gives the seminar has no ties, at least visible, with groups neo-Nazis “. It has also requested that the City Council issue “the pertinent explanations of the reason why a poster made outside the institution has not been reviewed”, since “errors like this can damage the rights and freedoms of neighbors in our people, giving a clear example with these profiles of violation of human rights towards vulnerable groups, a deterioration of the Alovera Pro Sports brand and serious damage to the image of the institution itself “.

The Forum for Memory has also joined the petition. They consider that the plaque that three years ago paid homage to a neighbor of Alovera murdered in the Mauthausen concentration camp is “incompatible” with giving public space “to an openly neo-Nazi individual.”

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