Wednesday, February 21

They design a portable and cheap open source heater | Digital Trends Spanish

In recent weeks, inhabitants of the northern hemisphere have suffered due to low temperatures. Of course, this affects homeless people who do not have a place to protect themselves from the cold.

Fortunately, Portland’s HeaterBloc organization designed an inexpensive portable heater that can be made for just $7.

The group ensures that anyone can manufacture the device and for that they allowed their invention to be open source, that is, those interested can access the plans of the invention for free on the web.

According to those in charge of this project, the heater can be used both in the kitchen and to heat small spaces for several hours.

Its inventors have also been concerned with safety, since if it tips over, the flame of the heater goes out automatically.

The instruction guide has been translated into several languages, and volunteer groups have sprung up to manufacture these devices and distribute them in various rural areas and large cities in the United States, such as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York, San Diego, Atlanta, Tacoma, Kansas City, Dallas, Kalamazoo, Elm Fork, Texas, and Spokane, Washington.

“Seeing the community that has sprung up around this need and seeing people take real action to help homeless communities stay warm across the country is amazing, because this is literally saving people’s lives. That’s what really matters,” HeaterBloc noted in an article in Vice.

According to official data, between 2000 and 2019 about 5 million people died of cold worldwide.

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