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They develop resistant bubbles that last more than a year | Digital Trends Spanish

Bubbles are not famous for being long-lasting, however, a group of French scientists has managed to develop a method that allows long-lasting bubbles to be created.

In a work published in Physical Review Fluids, the researchers indicated that regular bubbles lose liquid by evaporation or gravitational drainage.

The internal gas also diffuses through the thin soapy water membrane back into the environment.

For the same reason, science has been evaluating ways to make bubbles more stable.

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Now, the researchers have developed bubbles with a mixture of water and nylon particles and others with the same mixture plus glycerin, a substance commonly found in cosmetics.

Thus, the water and nylon bubbles remained stable for several minutes and some remained so for up to an hour.

In the research, bubbles to which glycerin was added had a much longer life span of more than a hundred days. The most resistant even survived about 465 days, which is a record.

“We show that covering a layer of bubbled water with microparticles inhibits gravity-induced drainage and that adding more glycerol leads to a steady state, in which water evaporation is counteracted by the hygroscopicity of glycerol, which absorbs the molecules. of water contained in the ambient air”, indicates the investigation.

“This results in bubbles that can maintain their integrity in a standard atmosphere for more than a year, without significant evolution of their radius.”

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