Sunday, August 14

They discover a new black hole 11 times bigger than the Sun | Digital Trends Spanish

A new black hole it was discovered deep in space, 11 times the mass of the Sun and found in a binary system within the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy.

The black hole was named NGC 1850 BH1 and its presence was detected by observing the motion of the accompanying star. As is known, black holes cannot be observed with the naked eye, therefore, astronomers must resort to more complex analysis systems that focus on what happens to the bodies around them.

In the case of NGC 1850 BH1, the group of scientists from the University of Göttingen used the MUSE telescope of the European observatory to study the movement of a star whose size is almost five times the Sun. This star is the other body of the binary system and his behavior was analyzed for two years.

The astronomers discovered that this star had a very particular movement and that it revealed the existence of the black hole, although it has not been seen directly. “When black holes form a system with another star, they affect the motion of the latter in a very subtle but detectable way,” says Dr. Stefan Dreizler.

NGC 1850 BH1 is the first black hole to be found in a relatively young group of stars; this one in particular is 100 million years old. The discovery will serve to study the initial mass function, a process that occurs during the star formation phase.

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