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They discover a scorpion the size of a dog | Digital Trends Spanish

The scorpion It is one of the most feared animals by people, since its small size and powerful back stinger have caused various incidents with humans. Also its shape and appearance have transformed it into an arachnid that has always been in mythology.

Imagine those who are afraid of these scorpions, seeing one the size of a dog. That was what inhabited China 435 million years ago.

Terropterus xiushanensis is the scientific name of this prehistoric arthropod that was detailed in a scientific study that will be presented on November 30 in the journal Science Bulletin.

Bo Wang, from the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology and the Center for Excellence in Life and Paleoenvironment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and co-author of the study spoke about an essential characteristic of this scorpion: its spiked limbs.

“They were presumably used to capture prey, and analogies can be drawn with the ‘capture basket’ formed by the spiny pedipalps of whip spiders … among arachnids,” commented the researcher.

This arachnid lived in the Silurian period, between approximately 443.8 million and 419.2 million years ago. At this time, the scorpions would have been expert underwater predators, pouncing on unsuspecting fish and mollusks.

The other relevant thing that was determined by this study and the remains found in China, is that this giant scorpion developed on the extinct continent of Gondwana.

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