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They discover a species of carnivorous dinosaur in Brazil | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of paleontologists published an article in the scientific journal Journal of South American Earth Sciences where he describes what could be a new species of carnivorous dinosaur that inhabited the territory that we know today as Brazil about 70 million years ago.

The remains of the animal that were part of the study were found in the municipality of Monte Alto, in São Paulo.

The researchers were able to carry out a phylogenetic analysis of its remains and concluded that it belongs to an unknown carnivorous dinosaur species that they named Kurupi itaata.

Júlia d’Oliveira.

“The remains found were the pelvic bone, three vertebrae and some that we have not yet identified. A phylogenetic analysis was carried out with those pieces that we identified and that later helped to identify which species the animal belonged to, and also allowed us to see that it was an animal that had never been recorded before, ”said paleontologist Fabiano Vidoi in a Reuters article.

Scientists also indicate that this specimen would have been a distant relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex and it would have belonged to the Abelisaurid family.

From the remains found, paleontologists have been able to reconstruct this species and get an idea of ​​what it looked like.

Thus, according to the researchers, Kurupi itaata it was nearly five meters long, a good runner, had small arms, and had small triangular projections on the lateral structures connecting the vertebrae.

The good news is that the general public will also be able to know what this dinosaur looks like, since a replica of the Kurupi itaata It will be exhibited at the Museum of Paleontology in Monte Alto, Brazil.

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