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They discover in Saudi Arabia an ancient “burial avenue” | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of archaeologists has discovered an impressive network of lost roads that were marked by tombs. According to the researchers, it is a real funerary avenue that is more than four thousand years old.

It is a traced path that has been marked by the tombs, which are found next to these routes. The longest of them is 170 kilometers.

Most of the avenues were formed by the footsteps of people and the hooves of their domestic animals.

“The burial avenues were the main road networks of their time and they show that the populations living in the Arabian Peninsula 4,500 years ago were much more socially and economically connected to each other than we thought,” says Matthew Dalton, an archaeologist at the University from Western Australia.

Dalton also explained that the avenues linked the oases and formed a kind of road network.

The bad news for researchers is that the tombs have remains in poor condition and several of them have been looted, which prevents scientists from accessing clear information about the past of these sites.

The image shows a series of ancient archaeological routes marked by tombs found in Saudi Arabia.

This finding was possible thanks to the use of satellite images and aerial photographs on the ground that covers about 22,561 square kilometers.

Through radiocarbon dating, the researchers determined that several of the samples found date back to between 2600 and 2000 BC.

Scientists still do not know why tombs were built around the road, but it is estimated that traffic on these routes occurred long before the time they were made.

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