Friday, September 22

They fight a declared fire on a 45-meter-long yacht anchored in Cala Saona, Formentera

The Maritime Rescue personnel are working to extinguish the fire declared on board a 45-meter-long yacht that is anchored in Cala Saona, in Formentera. As reported by Salvamento Marítimo to Europa Press, the notice of the event occurred around 5:00 p.m., and so far the causes that have caused it are unknown.

Seven crew members and a yet to be determined number of guests were traveling on the ship. Initially, the crew stayed on board trying to put out the flames, while the occupants were transferred to other nearby boats. Once the fire was revived, the crew also had to abandon the ship.

From Salvamento Marítimo, the Salvamar Acrux and the Guardamar Concepción Arenal, as well as a Civil Guard ship, have traveled to the site. Salvamento Marítimo has assured that there are still hours of work until the fire can be extinguished.