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They find a 900-year-old sword that was used in the crusades | Digital Trends Spanish

On the shores of HaCarmel, in Israel, a sword was found believed to be over 900 years old and worn by someone – a crusader knight – during the time of the crusades.

The find was made by Shlomit Katzin, an amateur diver who was exploring the sea in the area. The sword is one meter long (3.3 feet), has a 30-centimeter (11-inch) hilt, and is covered in a thick layer of marine organisms.

The sword has already been delivered to the local authorities and a specialized group will proceed to clean, restore and analyze the remains. However, some interesting conclusions have already been drawn; Initially, the sword was long buried in the seabed, but the movement of sands would have caused its resurgence.

The Israeli marine archeology unit indicated that the sword is in good condition and that under the layer that covers it, the iron is practically intact.

Apparently these types of finds are not so uncommon in the sector, which is located on the shores of the Haifa district. The geography of the coast served as a natural protection against storms, so that over dozens of centuries, many boats arrived at the place.

This has given rise to various archaeological discoveries such as those of Katzin, who in addition to the sword extracted metal anchors and ceramic remains.

Israel Antiquities Authority

Once the sword is fully restored, it will be displayed to the public. Archaeologists believe that the weapon undoubtedly belonged to a Crusader knight and, therefore, “it is a very personal object that takes us back 900 years in time to a time of knights, armor and swords.”

The diver Shlomit Katzin was also decorated for having rescued and delivered the piece, which from now on is considered historical.

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