Wednesday, October 27

They find a rare Lamborghini abandoned for 30 years | Digital Trends Spanish

Stories of abandoned cars in barns or the like are relatively common and almost always occur. But this does not mean that the most recent find is remarkable, because it is a model of which very few units were manufactured: a Lamborghini Espada.

The Espada was a vehicle produced by the Italian brand more than four decades ago. And one of these turned up in a warehouse in England’s Kendal County, abandoned for more than 30 years after the owner stopped paying for parking and disappeared.

The Lamborghini Espada found is a very special edition, of which there were only 130 units as it was produced for sale in the UK, with the steering wheel on the right side and not on the left, as is traditional.

And to the surprise of its discoverers, the car was found in more than fair condition. The interior did not have major damage of any kind and it is believed that the presence of some birds drove away the rodents, which generally wreak havoc on soft tissues such as seats.

The manager of the barn in which the Lamborhini Espada was found revealed that there is no information about the original owner of the vehicle. And the car did not appear before because the barn has no windows and its location is not so visible to curious eyes or passersby.

The Lamborghini Espada will be auctioned and its new owner may carry out a restoration work that will return it to its most natural state. There are no details of the price that a vehicle like this could cost but considering its rarity, it is most likely that it is not cheap or available to anyone.

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