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They find a sunken Mayan city in a lake in Guatemala | Digital Trends Spanish

A team of archaeologists found the remains of a complex submerged Mayan city in Lake Atitlán, in Guatemala. The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) of Mexico and the Ministry of Culture of Guatemala participated in the discovery.

Various ceramic and stone objects were found in the lake, which could date from the late Mayan preclassic period, which includes between 400 and 250 years before our era, and are submerged at a depth of between 12 and 20 meters.

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Collaborate @INAHmx in the exploration of a submerged Mayan city in Lake Atitlán, in Guatemala

🔸 A photogrammetric model was created to give virtual access to the site, promoting its preservation given its sacred nature.


— Ministry of Culture (@cultura_mx) April 4, 2022

The latest explorations made it possible to relocate and georeference buildings and structures, with which a new site map could be generated. In this way it was possible to understand the dynamics of the settlement and study how the sinking process was over time. “With this planimetry we can talk about a site that measures at least 200 by 300 meters,” said researcher Helena Barba Meinecke in a statement from INAH.

However, specialists believe that volcanic activity caused the island to collapse from below, which increased the water level. In fact, Lake Atitlán is the crater of a volcano that rises more than 1,500 meters above sea level.

The researchers found this city when conducting dives to georeference the site with information that had been collected by Guatemalan archaeologists. Professionals from Belgium, France, Spain and Argentina also participated in the work.

Now it is hoped that the underwater archaeologists of Guatemala will be able to explore the lake again and resume their investigations.

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