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They find the fossil of an octopus older than the dinosaurs | Digital Trends Spanish

A team of scientists found in Montana the fossil of an octopus about 330 million years old. This is the oldest known ancestor of this species.

Thanks to this discovery, the researchers concluded that the creature lived millions of years earlier than previously thought. This means that octopuses may have originated before the age of the dinosaurs.

While animals of this type that we know of today have eight limbs, the fossil the researchers found is 12 centimeters long and has 10 limbs, each with two rows of suckers. Scientists believe that the specimen may have inhabited a shallow tropical bay.

Nature Communications

“It is very rare to find soft tissue fossils, except in a few places. It is a very exciting find. It pushes back ancestry much further than previously known,” said Mike Vecchione, a zoologist at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

These remains were found in the Bear Gulch limestone formation in Montana, and were later donated to the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada in 1988. The fossil remained in storage for several years, until researchers noticed the 10 small limbs encased in stone. limestone.

Scientists called the fossil Syllipsimopodi bideni in honor of United States President Joe Biden. The researchers also found a kind of ink sac inside, which could have been used by the octopus to expel a liquid layer in order to ward off predators.

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