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They have recreated ‘The Squid Game’ on YouTube and it is sweeping: a huge prize and hundreds of participants

MrBeast, one of the best known youtubers on the net, already warned a few weeks ago that I was thinking of recreating ‘The Squid Game’ on YouTube. A faithful project to one of the most watched series in Netflix history, with 456 participants and $ 456,000 in prizes.

Just 10 minutes after launching the video with recreation It has already exceeded one million views and just a few hours later it is on its way to 25 million. The budget for this video has been $ 3.5 million, one of the most ambitious projects ever done on the platform that is already number 1 in trends on YouTube Spain.

We warn you that this news may contain the odd ‘spoiler’ of the tests, so be careful if you have not seen the series.

More than 3 million dollars of budget and 456 participants

More than 3.5 million dollars has been the budget to recreate these games, a figure that has been achieved with the sponsorship of the popular Supercell Brawl Stars. 456 participants have fought for a prize of $ 456,000, competing in the same tests that we saw in the original series.

MrBeast has recreated, one by one, the tests of ‘The Squid Game’, starting with a ‘Red light, green light’ which reduced the number of players remaining from 456 to 232. The shots have even been recreated when each participant misses, with small pockets of air and dust that explode when someone is eliminated.

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Even the bunk room has been recreated, where the participants meet, the remaining ones are counted and the accumulated jackpot that the winner will end up receiving is reported.

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The tests, although they have been recreated in a way very faithful to the game, have been developed for the safety of participants, with a completely recreational environment and in which it was practically impossible to receive the slightest damage.

After finishing the games, the last participant has won the 456,000 dollars, with a surprise prize for second place of $ 10,000. The video is currently the first trending video on YouTube, something predictable for the latest MrBeast craze.

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