Tuesday, March 21

They investigate alleged cases of prostitution of supervised minors in Bizkaia

The Prosecutor’s Office and the Ertzaintza are investigating in Bizkaia an alleged plot of prostitution and drug use by supervised minors, as published by ‘El Correo’. Sources from the Diputación, which is competent in the matter, confirm to this newspaper that the foral institution “informed the prosecutor’s office of some facts that could be the subject of investigation on its part” and expresses its “full collaboration” both with the authorities judicial and police for the complete clarification of the facts. From there, the institutions concerned do not provide any additional details.

The Prosecutor’s Office requests more than a hundred years in prison for ten adults for prostitution of minors in care in Álava

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According to the data that has transpired, they would be adolescents from the Hogar Zabalondo de Mungia. The girls – a statement has been taken from two 14-year-old girls – were in an open regime and, apparently, the events would have occurred in a semi-abandoned building in the Cabieces area, in Santurtzi, more than 30 kilometers away. In these cases, the legislation is clear and there is never the figure of consensual prostitution when the one who exercises it is a minor and, in fact, the adults involved in this type of case can be prosecuted for sexual assault.

It so happens that in Álava a trial is about to be held for some facts discovered in 2016. On that occasion they affect boys and girls from the Sansoheta center. Several months ago, the Álava Prosecutor’s Office requested sentences that together exceed one hundred years in prison against a group of ten adults who incited young people into prostitution. They are accused of “corruption of minors, sexual abuse, display of pornography to minors and crimes against public health”, since in addition to sexual crimes there was also shared drug use with adolescents. They were between 14 and 17 years old at the time, according to reports at the time.