Monday, December 6

They investigate the death of a woman in the Pamplona prison and the delay in medical intervention

A woman died in the Pamplona jail on November 8 for unknown reasons, as reported by the Salhaketa Nafarroa association, which has also denounced the “delay” in the intervention of both the prison and medical professionals after giving the warning voice. Apparently, it was the cellmate herself who became aware of the situation and contacted prison officials through the intercom. Until they opened the cell, they estimate, it took about two hours. The coordinator of the association, Libertad Francés, clarifies that it is difficult to know exactly what happened, but affirms that “there was no immediacy at all” before a fact that will be investigated, waiting to know the results of the autopsy. The latter has been advanced by Eduardo Santos, the Minister of Justice and Migration Policies of the Government of Navarra, who precisely assumed powers in prison health last August.

In this context, the association has reproached the Government of Navarra that after assuming the prison health of the only prison in Navarra, it still does not have face-to-face medical care 24 hours a day. In addition, according to Libertad Francés points out, the three positions for doctors provided for the penitentiary “have never been 100% covered.” For this reason, they demand to analyze the need to increase the number of doctors, their physical presence and psychiatric care within the prison, as well as the 24-hour guards. “Medical attention in prison has a specificity, and that is that there is a presence of diseases that in freedom have almost disappeared. The health states are much more delicate ”, he considers. In addition, they require the Provincial Government to review the operating protocols, the performance of the medical services and the mode of notification and referral to the health services. “There have always been complaints within the prison in relation to the fact that the officials often do a screening, not all the information reaches the medical services and they are called late,” he says. Finally, they demand that the Government of Navarra offer urgent psychological care to all women incarcerated in the Pamplona prison, around twenty, in order to face this event.

The head of Justice and Migration Policies of the Government of Navarra, Eduardo Santos, who has transferred the “regret” of the Regional Executive and his condolences to family and friends of the deceased, has asked for prudence in this regard after being asked about what happened. As he has indicated, “there will be an ongoing judicial investigation, with an autopsy that will determine the specific causes of death” and until then, he has said “no conclusions can be arbitrated.” “Any death in prison is a disgrace and we must consider it that way and we must show closeness,” he said.

In this context, Santos has announced the call “in the near future” of the Joint Prison Health Commission “to see what specific measures” can “be arbitrated to improve care and prevent situations like the one that has occurred.” However, it has ensured that despite the fact that on August 1, the provincial government assumed powers in prison health matters, this “is a shared concurrent competence, and the obligation of custody is above all that of the prison administration.” According to Libertad Francés, after giving transfer this Thursday of what happened to the Navarre service of penal execution and restorative justice of the Government of Navarra, they have been summoned by this body to a meeting next week.

In Navarra, between 2006 and 2018, a total of 14 people died in the Pamplona prison, according to official data sent by Penitentiary Institutions to the General Courts in a parliamentary response to the representative of EH Bildu Jon Iñarritu. As indicated, the most common reason is death from natural causes. In this period, 6 of these deaths in Navarra were for this reason, while 4 were due to suicide and another as many due to drug overdose.

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