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They investigate youtuber for having intentionally crashed a plane | Digital Trends Spanish

The youtuber and former Olympic athlete Trevor Jacob is investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA, for its acronym in English) for, allegedly, having crashed his plane intentionally and then uploading the video to YouTube.

The record in question is titled “I Crashed My Plane” (“I crashed my plane”) and was uploaded a few days ago to the network. In it, Trevor Jacob explains that the reason for his flight is to throw the ashes of a deceased friend into a lake. However, in mid-flight the plane fails, so the youtuber must parachute … all with a camera in hand.

Suspicions that the event was intentional stem from various situations. First, Jacob begins the flight with the skydiving equipment on his back, something that according to the experts is not normal because such equipment is heavy and too annoying to use it to fly an airplane.

Then there is the fact that there are cameras placed too conveniently on the fuselage of the plane, which allow to perfectly capture the moment when Jacob throws himself into the void and that is even repeated twice in the video.

And perhaps even more importantly: in similar situations of engine failure, pilots must look for some additional mechanical landing alternatives, something that, judging by the video, the youtuber did not do; he simply jumped off the plane and dedicated himself to capturing the entire process, from his own parachute and also with the cameras installed on the aircraft.

In the wake of the situation, the FAA issued a statement in which they confirm that they are investigating what happened, but that for now there will be no further comments because the agency avoids referring to investigations currently underway. But it would not be surprising if your license is revoked or you receive a hefty fine for the potential danger posed by such a feat.

And if the video was made only for the number of views, so far these have not been as monumental as you might expect: just 151,000 views in just over three days.

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