Friday, December 3

They live 30 times beyond our means

I don’t know if they remember the mantra of the 2008 crisis. They accused us of sinning because we lived beyond our means. And in sin we bore the guilt and punishment of losing jobs and reaching the highest levels of poverty that had been remembered in years. Since then we have only seen inequality increase while the obsession with neoliberal and unsustainable economic growth is the only recipe to overcome the various crises.

The situation is quite different. The richest 1% in the world pollutes 30 times more than is needed to prevent the planet from heating up above one and a half degrees of temperature. An Oxfam Intermón report analyzes the calculation based on the emission reduction plans presented by the countries at COP26 in Glasgow. The result is that this 1% will emit an average of 67.7 tons of CO2 per head when the limit should be 2.2. These rich and privileged people live 30 times beyond our means.

The climate crisis is a crisis of inequality and inequality fuels the climate crisis. The countries, large companies and people who are most responsible for producing it suffer the least. There is not only a historical inequality of the rich countries that have grown economically based on warming the planet of all. We see that the projections that countries make of their emissions will perpetuate this inequality. By 2030, 10% of the richest population on the planet will be responsible for 48% of emissions, while half of the poorest people on the planet will only contribute 8% of them.

The governments of the world cannot wait any longer to make decisions to tackle the climate crisis. 6 years ago in Paris they already reached an agreement. Now, what they had to do was present national plans that would avoid exceeding a degree and a half of temperature, but they have not come with the homework well done. The United Nations has calculated the sum of what they all propose and if they do not change it we would go to a 2.7 degree warming at the end of the decade. Collective suspension.

The cries of the street to end the climate crisis in a fair way are being heard. The masks do not serve as a muzzle. We are not going to let those most responsible for this crisis leave Glasgow without clear commitments to fulfill what they have already signed because we have to live within our means and those of the planet.

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