Thursday, August 5

‘They look at us’, the video of the actresses who do not forget Vivotecnia

“A beagle dog in a cage”. It is the beginning of ‘Nos miran’, the video recorded by the actresses Sara Sálamo, Nuria Gago, Sara Rivero, Irene Visedo, Nathalie Poza, Verónica Echegui, Carolina Yuste, Elisabeth Larena and Lluvia Rojo. They do not want to forget the hell that we do not know how many animals continue to suffer every day in Vivotenia, the laboratory denounced by Cruelty Free International but which the Community of Madrid allows to continue operating as if nothing had happened.

When the Vivotecnia images opened the news, several actresses mobilized to publicly express their commitment to the defense of those animals whose screams in the background continue to torment us. They attended the demonstrations in front of the laboratory and in front of the courts before which the precautionary seizure of the animals had been requested to transfer them to a safe place.

It was all in vain, and the pain grew. So they decided to help spread the word about what is happening at Vivotecnia. They came before the camera to bring to life an “artistic manifesto”, as simple as it was harsh and moving. A 36-minute video in which one by one they read a detailed description of what could be seen in that horror video. Those who have not seen him can visualize it through his words, read with anger, helplessness, sadness, sometimes with tears.

The piece by the actresses is a story, written by the journalist Lucía Arana, of what is seen and heard in this video that documents the systematic torture of animals in Vivotecnia, observed by someone outside the experimentation but attentive to details of each sequence so as not to let any hint of that suffering escape. Although the Cruelty Free International video has not been seen, the actresses’ emotions are transferred to those who watch and listen to them, and it takes a few seconds to start feeling that anger and sadness. Tears are inevitable.

Three of the actresses, Nathalie Poza, Lluvia Rojo and Irene Visedo, have produced this ‘artistic manifesto’. In the camera team was Kiko Prada and in the editing, Ángel Pazos. The English translation is by Kevin Kajetzke. The photographs of the actresses are by Félix Valiente. We have embedded the short version of the piece. The full version can be seen at this link.

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