Monday, May 29

They mobilize for the freedom of Del Río Virgen

The caravan for freedom Jose Manuel del Rio Virgin demanded in the capital of the country a fair process for the technical secretary of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) of the Senate imprisoned in a prison in Veracruz for the suspected homicide of the candidate for mayor of Cazones de Herrera.

The relatives, friends and sympathizers of the politician of the Citizen Movement Party departed from the Hemiciclo a Juárez, in the Alameda Central, and walked to the capital socket, chanting slogans such as “Fuerza Del Río”, “Libertad Del Río”, “Justicia Del Río” and “Political prisoner Del Río”.

They pointed out that there is no reason for José Manuel del Río Virgen, who was arrested on December 22 in Veracruz, to remain in prison, since there is no evidence, nor facts or direct testimonies, that incriminate him for the murder of René Tovar.

In this sense, they insisted on the innocence of the technical secretary of the Jucopo of the Senate and described his arrest as political revenge and injustice, as denounced by the Special Commission that from the High camera He has been documenting around 70 cases of abuse of authority committed by the Veracruz government.

Family members detailed that Of the Virgin River, arrested after a long fight by senator Ricardo Monreal against the injustices committed in Veracruz, of whom he is a collaborator, was linked to the process based on a thesis that control judge Francisco Reyes Contreras built from assumptions that the prosecutors who were at the hearing never mentioned.

For this reason, before noon on Tuesday, various contingents concentrated on the Hemicycle to juarez, with white balloons and cardboard, and mobilized once again for the freedom of the Virgin River, as they have done other times from different cities in the country.